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TH series  Locking security display hook

With A/B/C/D/E 5 different types of tail hooks
Slat wall display hooks
Locking security display hooks
Retail security hooks
Magnetic detacher
Display hooks
Slat wall display hooks
Display hooks for slat wall
Retail display hooks
Security display hooks for pegboard
Self-tapping screw hooks
Display hooks for slat wall

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Model:TH Series
 Locking security display hooks

1.Bright Chrome plate surface treatment.

2. Secure your products reduce shoplifting.

3. Large weight load-bearing, 5-8Kg avaliable.

4. Detacher control, manage your  commodities in order


Model: TH Series security display hook

Length: 150/180/240(mm)

Color: White

Load-bearing: 5-8Kg

Surface Treatment: Bright Chrome plate 

Material: ABS+Mild steel

Detacher :LK40

 Product Code:
Type A For normal slatwall TH-A-150 TH-A-180 TH-A-240
Type B For Z type plate TH-B-150 TH-B-180 TH-B-240
Type C For square steel TH-C-150 TH-C-180 TH-C-240
Type D For pegboard TH-D-150 TH-D-180 TH-D-240
Type E For self-tapping screw TH-E-150 TH-E-180 TH-E-240