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Brand new standalone security display stand for retail merchandise

Security pod
Retail display stand
Display stand for retail anti-theft
Display security
Retail merchandise security
Cable sensor of security display stand
Standalone security display stand
Security display alarm stand
Infrared decoder for SRP-03

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Brand new standalone security display stand for retail merchandise

1.Smart and Mini design ,reduce the sensor from 5 to 3 ,lower false alarm rate.
2. 3 LED light not only construct the charming environment for mobiles , fully shows the Working status of alarm or charging.

3.Inclined sensor port ,reduce false alarm rate.

4.Rotation supporter, enable both horizontal and vertical display.


Input: AC 110-250V~50-60Hz 
Output: 5V/1A
Dimension: 50*90 (mm)
Color: White
Decode: Infrared Technology
Material: ABS
Certification :CE/ FCC/ ROHS
Compatible with cellphone, tablet